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Synthesizer modules (MOTM format):

Make an offer for one or more of those modules: "spontisATspontisDOTse"

Bought PCBs labeled KK, PCBs maked by myself is labeled EK. Frontpanels from Schaffer labeled S and Bridechamber frontpanels labeled B.

Top row, left to right:

Tellun Neural Agonizer KK,B (only one reverb tank).

CGS Analog Computer KK,B.

CGS/PUGIX Analog Logic/Dual ASR/Multiples KK,B.

Oakley Sample Slew EK,B.

Oakley Triple LFO EK,B.

Milton VC Sequencer KK the front panel is made by Neriks audio.

Yusynth Fixed Filterbank KK,B.

The middle row:

Synthesis Technology MOTM-440 Discrete OTA LP KK,MOTM made frontpanel.

Oakley Noise and Dual FIlter

Tellun Doomsday Machine KK,B.

Oakley ADSR EK,B.

Scott Stites Klee Sequencer v2 KK,B.

Oakley SVF KK,B.

Oakley Triple VCA EK,B.

Oakley Ladder VCF EK,B.

Magic Smoke Mankato VCF/8-phase sine gen KK,B.

The lower row:

Oakley midiDAC KK,B.

Multiplepanel from B.

4 off Oakley VCO EK,S.

Ian Fritz Double Deka VCO KK,B.

Oakley VCLFO

Oakley Ring Modulator KK,B.

Oakley ADSR EK,B.

MFOS Quantizers KK,B.

Oakley Comparator EK,B.

CGS Suboscillator KK,B.

Grant Richter Wogglebug KK,B.

Not in the picture:

Oakley Wavefolder EK,S.

Studio stuff:

Pictures will be sent at request

Tektronix Oscilloscope trolley € 15.00

TC Electronics Stereo Chorus flanger (SCF), the old one with 240V AC, rare €320.00

TC Electronics Classic TC XII Phaser, condition as new, in orig. box € 70.00

Adam Hall studio desktop rack, 8HE, wood and steel, new € 120.00

Synthesizer parts and components:


Wooden endcheecks for Proteus I, needs oil, give me an offer

Keyboard PCB for Proteus I, give me an offer

Backside PCB for Proteus I, give me an offer